“Great men seem to us men of boldness; In reality they are more obedient than others. The sovereign voice speaks to them. It is because they are actuated by an instinct which is a prompting of that sovereign voice that they take, always with courage and sometimes with great humility, the place that posterity will later give them – venturing on acts and risking inventions often out of harmony with their time and place and even incurring much sarcasm from their fellows. They are not afraid because, however isolated they may appear to be, they feel that they are not alone. They have on their side the power that finally settles everything. They have a premonition of their empire to come.”Antonin Sertillanges The Intellectual Life

“Weak work or pretentious work is always bad work”

“All roads but one are bad roads for you, since they diverge from the direction in which your action is expected and required.”

“To get something without paying for it is the universal desire. But it is the desire of the cowardly hearts and weak brains.”

“Constraint will make you concentrate better”

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