Hanuman Podcast

1000 Stories In Your Pocket

Inspired by Steve Jobs

With “1000 Songs In Your Pocket”, Steve Jobs changed the world forever. 1000 Songs in your pocket is not just a marketing message, it’s the genius of Jobs and his team that created a great product that gave us a taste for good design.

Hanuman Podcast is coming soon! On the podcast, I interview guests from eclectic fields (writers, athletes, scientists, entrepreneurs, etc.) to breakdown tactics and rituals that they use to bring their story, their life’s work, to the world.

Hanuman, really?

Hanuman is known for his super-human abilities to fly long distances (100 Yojanas or 800 miles) but his human abilities that we can learn from and use in our own lives are not very well known; being humble, not giving a f**k, devoted, being helpful to others, doing the work, being a rebel for a good cause, and unafraid to be a misfit.

My guests are like Hanuman, super-humans with human abilities, they are here to remind us of the Hanuman within us!