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With “1000 Songs In Your Pocket”, Steve Jobs changed the world forever. 1000 Songs in your pocket is not just a marketing message, it’s the genius of Jobs and his team that created a great product that gave us a taste for good design. Here are 1000 stories in your pocket, to help you along your journey in making a dent in the universe.

On the podcast, I interview guests from eclectic fields (writers, athletes, scientists, entrepreneurs, etc.) to breakdown tactics and rituals that they use to bring their story, their life’s work, to the world.

#5 Dr. Sreekanth Vemula – On following ones curiosity, being comfortable with not fitting in and taking care of his next patient

#4 Siddharth and Somvir – On a mission to rebuild real human connections locally, worldwide


#3 Sumona Karjee Mishra – On a mission to eliminate pregnancy related disorders in India and around the world, starting with early diagnosis of Preeclampsia.


#2 Sriram Emani – On disrupting the 600-year old Indian music and dance industry and choosing to do what you love.

Ishwarya Ananthabotla


#1 Ishwarya Ananthabotla – On rethinking how audio is captured, represented and retrieved in this new world of AI.