Develop Attachment to Detachment

“Penchaga Penchaga Perige Aasalu, Thrunchaga Thrunchaga Tholagunavi”

(Just as we steadily grow our desires, we can eliminate them by steadily nipping at them) –Padakavitha Pitamaha Sri Tallapaka Annamacharya

Attachment to stuff hurts. You are in the Apple store, someone looking at an iPhone drops it on the ground and shatters the glass. You might say “Uh oh” but you won’t lament over it. Suppose, you had just bought that iPhone and dropped it on the floor, how would you react?. It’s the same device a couple of minutes ago, now that it’s “yours”, you lament that it’s broken. Attachment to that phone causes grief.

Annamacharya, thoughtful poet, writer and philosopher from South Indian sings about how one can eliminate attachment to things just as one grew attachment to them in the first place. Reducing it slowly, steadily and bit by bit. He calls out for practicing a ceiling on desires in this beautiful krithi “Veggalamintha Vrida

Veggalamintha Vrida Vrida by Annamacharya
Sung by Prince Rama Varma

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